Our mission

To provide quality health and well-being services that deliver the best possible health outcomes to our community.

Our purpose

To improve the lives of our patients, their families and our community.

Emergency Department wait time

This data is a live representation of the workload in BRHS’ Emergency Department. This data updates automatically through the day and is correct for the time indicated on the graph.

Graphic shows current workload for BRHS Emergency Department.


Telehealth appointments are now offered for some services provided by BRHS.

BRHS People

There's a lot going on at BRHS. Here are some stories on what we've been doing.


BRHS has exciting career opportunities for people seeking career and lifestyle balance.

Our principles of care

We are committed to providing the highest level of safe, effective quality care to the people of East Gippsland, delivered with compassion and kindness for every individual, every time.


A quality service achieves positive outcomes. We are committed to finding the best possible solutions for our community’s health challenges.


We consistently adhere to principles of professionalism and follow through on our promises with care and accuracy. We can be relied upon and trusted.


We listen. Effective communication will help to ensure the best level of care is provided to patients, and clinical outcomes are optimised.


Our people are our community; patients, carers, staff and volunteers. They are the heartbeat of our service. We treat each other with respect, empathy and compassion.,

Got Something To Say? We're Listening.

If you have a compliment, a complaint, or a suggestion on how we can improve our service, we’d like to hear it. Use our feedback form to send us your message.