Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

BRHS’ Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy provides all staff with guidance to follow when being offered a gift/benefit/hospitality either directed to a staff member, or to the organisation.

BRHS has issued this policy to support behaviour consistent with the Codes of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees handbook, and in particular, Section 4.2 – “Public sector employees do not – for themselves or others – seek gifts and benefits (including hospitality). They refuse all offers of gifts and benefits that could reasonably be perceived as influencing them or undermining the integrity of BRHS or themselves.”

The Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy can be accessed here.

It contains links to associated documents including our Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Procedure, Donations and Specific Purpose Fund Policy, and Workforce Reward and Recognition Policy.

Gift Register

BRHS maintains a Gift Register to record all gifts given to the health service.

That Gift Register can be accessed here.