BRHS ‘baby-friendly’ accreditation renewed

Six members of the BRHS maternity team, five in dark blue uniforms, appear before a large screen with three women, members of the Australian College of Midwives assessment team.

Following months of intensive work, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Maternity Unit has successfully renewed its Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative accreditation with the Australian College of Midwives.

The accreditation, which BRHS Maternity Unit has held since 1999, has been renewed until March 2027.

The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative aims to promote and support breastfeeding and mother-baby bonding in healthcare settings.

BRHS Maternity Unit Manager Laura Griffiths said the initiative sets stringent standards for maternity services to ensure the unit and others like it provide optimal care for breastfeeding mothers and newborn babies.

These standards include implementing the “Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding” program, which focuses on providing practices such as skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding support and limiting the use of infant formula unless it’s necessary medically.

“The practices are based on evidence gathered over many years in the maternity field,” Laura said. “This accreditation encourages hospitals to create an environment that empowers mothers to initiate and sustain breastfeeding, which ultimately improves maternal and infant health outcomes.

“Women who choose to formula feed receive non-judgemental care and access to accurate information to help them make informed decisions about their infant feeding choices.”

Laura said it wasn’t only hospital staff who helped BRHS to achieve re-accreditation with the Australian College of Midwives. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the consumers who generously volunteered their time to participate in the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative accreditation process,” she said.

“Their attendance at additional education sessions and insightful contributions during the phone interview with the ACM we invaluable in assisting BRHS reach our accreditation “

If you have any questions about the initiative, please speak to your antenatal clinic midwife, ask your midwife during your birth and postnatal admission or phone the Maternity ward on (03) 5150 3455.

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