BRHS Volunteers Find a Way to Help in Challenging Times

How we have missed our BRHS Volunteers!

Of all of the disruptions COVID has caused over the past couple of years, one that has been keenly felt by BRHS staff and visitors to the health service has been the absence of our volunteer brigade.

Some, however, have been working behind the scenes, providing support in tasks that could be done without a risk to themselves or others.

Like our lovely Flower Auxiliary Ladies (hey, why aren’t there any blokes in the Flower Auxiliary?), who last week rolled up their sleeves and packed care hampers for BRHS staff.

We hope the hampers, featuring delicious local Picnic Point apples and other goodies, gave a little boost of positivity and support to our amazing staff, that have certainly been doing the hard yards for many months now.

“Our volunteers are just incredible,” said Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Wharfe. “They have been unable to volunteer for two years during the restrictions, but jumped immediately into action when we need their help.”

Thank you, Flower Auxiliary, and everyone that volunteers their time and talents at BRHS.

You can learn more about volunteering at BRHS at

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