Register for Job Alerts

All externally advertised vacancies at BRHS are listed on the Victorian Government Careers website.

You can register your interest in employment opportunities at BRHS and receive job alerts for selected areas by clicking on the link below:

Process to Register

Once you have selected the above link, enter your details to register with

Job Alert set up can then be accessed by choosing the “User Control Panel” and selecting “My Job Alerts”.

Enter the parameters you require, test your profile then save the information.


1. If you are interested in knowing about any vacancies at BRHS, choose “Bairnsdale Regional Health Service” as the department parameter and no other information is required.

2. If you are only interested in being alerted to nursing vacancies at BRHS , choose “Bairnsdale Regional Health Service” as the department and “Medical and Nursing” as the job function parameter.

For any assistance with this function, please email or call the Victorian Government Contact Centre, Toll Free on Tel.1300 366 356.