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Storm raises potential health issues: what you need to know

Last week’s storm and the power outages that followed have caused an increased risk of illness in the East Gippsland community. The lack of refrigeration could cause some foods to spoil. The potential for outbreaks of food poisoning or conditions such as gastroenteritis is real. It’s also been a

Maddocks Gardens cultural garden a showpiece for all to share

An Aboriginal cultural garden is the latest addition to Bairnsdale Regional Health Service’s Maddocks Gardens aged care facility – one where Aboriginal people and all residents and visitors can meet, chat and feel welcome. The garden, developed at a cost of $80,000, includes a specially-designed one-off yarning circle, picnic

Healthier BRHS kiosk is no traffic light drag

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service’s volunteer-run kiosk has just given the green light to healthier food choices. From the beginning of this month (October), a traffic light system will show consumers the healthiest options at the kiosk. The change comes as part of the Victorian government’s Healthy choices: policy directive

Healthier options available soon at BRHS kiosk

There are changes for the better coming to the kiosk at Bairnsdale Regional Health Service. We are implementing a new traffic light system to help you determine which choices are healthiest from our kiosk range, and we’re introducing new healthier foods to make those choices easier. Follow these traffic

BRHS remains vigilant as mask rules change

The wearing of masks inside clinical areas at Bairnsdale Regional Health Service is now optional in most cases. The move, announced to staff on Tuesday, comes as case numbers for coronavirus (COVID=19) and other respiratory illnesses has declined substantially in the community and among BRHS staff. BRHS staff and

BRHS gets to the heart of the matter with new program

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure – and that’s precisely the aim of a new program at Bairnsdale Regional Health Service to address heart attacks and heart disease before they occur. The program, Healthy Hearts, which is funded by the Gippsland Primary Health Network, works

Seasonal cheer drives new maternity charity fundraiser

Brighten your festive season and help Bairnsdale Regional Health Service’s maternity unit by supporting the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation’s new Baubles for Babies appeal. The Gippsland-based charity is raising money for four new Neocots to update equipment in the maternity ward. Newborn Intensive Care Foundation chair and Sale resident