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“Kind and Welcoming” – Tambo Nurse Dan Mandaliti Applauded for Guiding Students

Tambo Ward Nurse Daniele Mandaliti has been applauded by BRHS’ Learning, Support and Development Team for his outstanding mentorship of student nurses, named Clinical Supervisor of the Month for February. “Dan has approached his role as a clinical supervisor with dedication and commitment,” said Undergraduate Clinical Facilitator Lyn Davies.

“Patience, Compassion, Understanding” – BRHS’ Hanna Forrest Heralded for Support of Students

What a time it must be to be a young student nurse, taking your first steps on the ward. In this historic and unprecedented moment, when the pressures on our health care system are greater than ever before, never has the work of training and mentoring our next generation

Forums to Help Businesses Navigate COVID Rules and Regs

Are you a business owner struggling to understand current COVID regulations? The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) is holding a series of forums for small and medium-sized businesses on Victoria’s Roadmap and new COVIDSafe settings. Register online at: Sessions include: Updates on the Roadmap and restrictions

Experienced Nurse Bernie Attard Heralded for Nurturing the Next Generation

After 35 years looking after the very sickest little patients at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, no one would begrudge Bernadette Attard the peaceful and relaxing retirement she had planned in East Gippsland. After holidaying here for years, by 2019 Bernie was spending more and more time in our

A Lifetime of Learning Brings Kate Bills Full Circle on Rotamah Ward

When she was 18, Kate Bills took the entrance exam to study nursing. “I failed. I guess I just always thought I wasn’t smart enough,” she said. “I wasn’t very driven back then – I probably didn’t put in the effort I should have.” But the ambition to be

You Know Them Best – RAISE Campaign Encourages Patients, Families to Raise Their Hand for Help

BRHS is redoubling its efforts to encourage patients and their loved ones to be actively involved in their care and treatment. Beside every bed at the Bairnsdale hospital now you’ll find information about what to do in the event that you are concerned about your condition or that of

“A Great Role Model” – Jacob Ellis Heralded for Support of Students

Tambo Ward Nurse Jacob Ellis has been recognised for his outstanding support of nursing students, named Clinical Supervisor of the Month by the BRHS Education Team. “Well done Jacob on the exceptional patient care that is noticed by the students, and providing them with the tools to make safe

We Are Raising Awareness of How Invisible Disability Impacts Accessing Healthcare

Do you have an invisible disability? Or perhaps, like many of us, you are wondering what exactly is an invisible disability? The theme of International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3 is “Not All Disabilities Are Visible,” and BRHS is taking the opportunity to raise awareness of