Experienced Nurse Bernie Attard Heralded for Nurturing the Next Generation

After 35 years looking after the very sickest little patients at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, no one would begrudge Bernadette Attard the peaceful and relaxing retirement she had planned in East Gippsland.

After holidaying here for years, by 2019 Bernie was spending more and more time in our lovely part of the world as she transitioned from full-time nursing to something a little less demanding.

And then, you know, COVID.

“The call went out for any experienced nurses that might be around, and here I was,” Bernie said this week. “Perhaps retirement was just a little quieter than I was ready for.”

Retirement’s loss was BRHS’ gain, and for the past couple of years Bernie’s wealth of knowledge, immense experience and level of professionalism has helped not only many of our patients but also the team of nurses working with her on Rotamah Ward.

Bernie’s commitment and generosity as a preceptor to younger nurses was recognised by the Education team at BRHS recently, who named her Clinical Supervisor of the Month.

“We greatly appreciate the effort and time Bernie spends with students,” said Undergraduate Clinical Educator, Lyn Davies. “She has always fostered a positive and professional learning environment ensuring students are equipped with safe clinical skills. Bernie completes the student experience by allowing growth, independence and confidence in a supportive and encouraging environment.”

“Bernie is often rostered with students and always welcomes them to the ward. She is a professional role model and involves the students in all aspects of clinical nursing care.”

Good on you, Bernie. And thank you for everything you bring to BRHS.

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