BRHS’ Home-Based Nursing team provides an array in-home care services.

Complex Care Program

Our Complex Care Program is designed to support patients who are at risk of avoidable hospital admissions due to chronic conditions such as:

  • Chronic pulmonary disease
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Diabetes with complex needs
  • Health conditions with chronic and complex needs

This program is offered to people who attend our emergency department or are admitted to hospital and assessed as being suitable for this program.


Home-Based Nursing

Our Home Based Nursing Team offer a range of services to the community including:

  • General and technical nursing
  • Specialised wound care
  • Home Assessments
  • In home palliative care

Our goal is always to work with you to support your health and wellbeing and we work closely together as a team to support you.

This means we want to make sure;

  • You are involved in your treatment
  • We help you do as much as you can for yourself
  • We help you stay independent.

From the start we want to talk with you about why you have been referred to us & what your health goals are to ensure our care helps you achieve these.


Home-Based Palliative Care

Our Palliative Care service provides care and support to clients with a life-limiting illness and their carers, plus access to a wide range of other services.

We aim to improve the quality of life and assist people to die with dignity in the environment of their choice.

  • 24 hour on call nursing 7 days a week
  • Social work services
  • Counselling and bereavement support
  • Volunteer support
  • A service fully integrated with medical supervision
  • Spiritual and pastoral care


Hospital in the Home

Hospital in the Home is a program which enables people with specific illnesses to have part or all of their treatment at home rather than in a hospital.

You can use this service if:

  • Your condition is stable.
  • You feel comfortable with the idea of treatment at home and have support if required.
  • You have an understanding of the treatment plan so you can respond to changes in your condition at home.
  • You agree to follow the advice of the nurses and doctors who are responsible for your care and treatment at home.
  • Your home environment is safe for visiting staff.


Residential In-Reach

Many visits to hospital from residential aged care facilities are preventable.

Once a resident is transfered from their home for higher level care, they are risk of increasing confusion, falls, pressure injuries, infection and medication errors.

Providing appropriate care for Residents in their homes is at the heart of our Residential In-Reach (RIR) Service

The resident’s GP must be consulted prior to referral to RIR team.

Post Acute Care

Post Acute Care services are short term community based services to help you recover after leaving hospital.

These services are offered as part of the Health Independence Program and are available to people who:

  • have been discharged from a public hospital, including day procedure, the short stay unit and the emergency department
  • are assessed as needing services after leaving hospital
  • have given consent to receive services

Services include:

  • Home based and community nursing
  • Home care services (vacuuming, cleaning, meal preparation and more)
  • Personal care services such as shopping
  • In home respite

For more information about Post Acute Care services call 5150 3416.

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