The CBD Campus

A range of Medical Imaging and Maternity Services, conveniently located in Bairnsdale’s main street.

The friendly staff at our CBD Campus are open regular business hours and always ready to chat with you.

The CBD Campus offers a range of Medical Imaging and Maternity Services including:

X-RAY (including dental x-rays)

Bookings are required for general and dental x-rays, and all referrals are accepted (including those made to another service).

Bone Mineral Density Scans

Referrals via email or fax. Please call to make a booking.


A range of referral based standard ultrasounds are available by appointment, including:

  • Obstetric, Pelvic, Thyroid, Renal and Testes ultrasounds
  • Doppler DVT
  • Carotid and Arterial Doppler.

Bairnsdale Maternity Clinic

Collaborative maternity care bringing doctors and midwives together to support women and their families throughout pregnancy and birth.

Women’s Health Clinic

Our women’s health nurses are a wealth of knowledge for women of all ages.

They can talk to you about women’s health issues for all ages including birth control, infections spread through sex, menopause, periods, puberty, things to do to reduce your chance of illness and young people’s health.

They also conduct pap tests, chlamydia tests, pregnancy tests and blood pressure checks.

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