A nurse in a dark blue BRHS uniform is wearing a set of HoloLens augmented reality goggles and is pointing her left index finger forward.

East Gippsland Hololens training

Everything you need to enhance your HoloLens experience.


Here is all the information that you will need to help you use a HoloLens2 device – from first-time user to technical instructions.

This page is to support the enhanced telehealth deployment across East Gippsland. Enhanced telehealth has been developed to help connect our communities together and to deliver specialist health care from Melbourne to Omeo, Orbost, Bairnsdale, Cann Valley or Bonang – anywhere it’s needed.

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What is a HoloLens2?

 A HoloLens2 is a mixed reality device – a computer that’s worn on a person’s head. 

Using Dynamics 365 – Remote Assist

 The application opens by using the start menu.

Regular checks

Check daily: battery charge level. Check monthly: software updates, wear.

HoloLens2 guide

Watch this quick reference guide to the HoloLens2.


Annotations can be added to the world you are viewing.

Cleaning/Removing Holograms

Need to clean the device? Follow the HoloLens 2 cleaning FAQNeed to remove holograms?

Your first application

Being spatially aware


You may always want to move the holograms you are using


Occasionally a HoloLens might need to be reset. Check with your IT team, then follow the steps.

Accessing Healthdirect

Video call

Guidance for clinicians

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