“Just Being There to Get Someone From A to B” – the Importance of Volunteer Drivers at BRHS

“If I can be of assistance to someone that needs a little help, well, then that’s a good thing.”

And with that beautifully simple statement, Dave Richardson sums up what it means to be a volunteer at BRHS.

Dave is a volunteer driver, providing transportation for patients to get them to and from the hospital, to appointments or to collect medicines.

It’s a role he finds very satisfying, and is inspired in some way by earlier events in his own life.

“You know, toward the end of her life my Mum needed help getting around, and so I was her driver – I’d take her to appointments or to catch up with her friends,” Dave remembers. “And I’ve had some health challenges myself, and so I understand what it’s like. Sometimes the simplest things become very difficult.”

“Just being there to get someone from A to B, to help them, that can be huge.”

Dave says the patients he drives around often express their gratitude to him, but he gets a lot out of the interaction, too.

“I used to work in the media, and so I’ve always liked to talk with people,” he said. “So, if they’re up for it, we’ll have a chat. Sometimes they might be having a hard day, or the treatment is taking it out of them. But if by the end of the ride you can put a smile on their face, well, that’s very satisfying. You know you’ve made a real difference to someone that day.”

BRHS is looking for more volunteer drivers like Dave.

If making a real difference to someone is something you might be interested in, give us a shout.

Contact our very friendly Volunteer Coordinator Susan Wharfe on 5150 3346 or email volunteers@brhs.com.au

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