“Kind and Welcoming” – Tambo Nurse Dan Mandaliti Applauded for Guiding Students

Tambo Ward Nurse Daniele Mandaliti has been applauded by BRHS’ Learning, Support and Development Team for his outstanding mentorship of student nurses, named Clinical Supervisor of the Month for February.

“Dan has approached his role as a clinical supervisor with dedication and commitment,” said Undergraduate Clinical Facilitator Lyn Davies. “Congratulations, Dan, on welcoming and including the students with professionalism during busy and challenging shifts. You have allowed the students to identify the professional standards to be reached in a positive and progressive manner.”

Lyn said she “often saw the light bulb moment when students work with Dan.”

“He has the patience to allow the student to develop the skills over the span of the placement and gives progressive feedback on the way. It is always reassuring and pleasing to know that the student will progress towards the required standards of practice developing physiological and pharmacological knowledge along the way.”

Thank you, Dan, for your consistently kind approach toward supervising student nurses.

We greatly value your efforts, and your unique, progressive and understanding way of improving practice.

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