Mobile vaccinations on the road again

Mobile Vaccination Hubs

  • Ensay Bush Nursing Centre
    10am to 2pm
    Friday, 24 June
  • Bairnsdale Aquatic Centre
    10am to 3pm
    Saturday, 25 June.

With COVID-19 rates high across Victoria and more cases of influenza this year than in 2020 and 2021 combined, it’s important that we do everything we can to stay well this winter.

That’s why the Chitty Chitty Jab Jab COVID-19 Vaccination Mobile Hub is rumbling into Ensay and Bairnsdale soon – to make vaccinations even more convenient for you and to protect the people around you.

Visit the mobile hub at the Ensay Bush Nursing Centre between 10am to 2pm on Friday, 24 June and the Bairnsdale Aquatic Centre from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, 25 June.

If you can’t make it, there are plenty of other options including community hubs, pharmacies and GP clinics.

Check your options at the BRHS website:

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