18 – 39? You Must Book Your COVID Vaccine

Sue Hutton is keeping the community updated on the new COVID vaccine eligibity criteria.


There was terrific news for Australians under 40 this week with the announcement that all people aged 18 to 39 who aren’t in one of the already eligible groups (high risk workers etc) can now get a COVID vaccine.

The one piece of information about that which not everyone seemed to have received was that people in this group have to make a booking before getting their shot.

BRHS Nurse Sue Hutton, who is leading the excellent team behind our COVID vaccination clinic at Bairnsdale City Oval, has kindly gone through the new eligibility requirements, and has these important notes:

  • People aged 18 to 39 who aren’t in one of the already eligible groups (critical and high risk workers, etc.) can get their AstraZeneca vaccine at the Bairnsdale City Oval clinic, but they must book first – no walk-ins will be accepted for this category.
    Bookings can be made using the online booking system or by calling the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.
  • The wait time between first and second Pfizer doses is now six weeks, not four. Bookings are required for the second shot.
  • 12 to 15 year olds who are at higher risk of severe illness if they contract COVID are eligible for a vaccine.
    This group is encouraged to have their vaccine at a general practice or community health service, although vaccinations are available through vaccination centres such as the Bairnsdale City Oval clinic, with an appointment.
    A parent must accompany the young person. Proof of age must be able to be produced, as well as a letter from their doctor outlining why they are at risk.

For other 12-15 year olds there will more updated advice in the coming months.

All other eligible Victorians aged 18 and over are able to have a COVID vaccine according to the eligibility criteria by booking online or walking-in to our Bairnsdale City Oval clinic.

You can stay up-to-date on the eligibility criteria here: https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/who-can-get-vaccinated

Information about our Bairnsdale City Oval vaccination clinic is kept updated at brhs.com.au/Coronavirus