A Blast on the Big Hill at Dinner Plain – Getaway Ideas in East Gippsland

Photo courtesy Dinner Plain Alpine Village


We live in a magic place.

East Gippsland is a miraculous playground, with a myriad of things to do and places to explore.

And this month we’re encouraging our staff and healthcare workers in the region to do a good turn for their mental health by taking a few days off and doing something fun.

This week our Media and Communications Coordinator Jake Lynch took his young son, Simon, up to Dinner Plain to check out the toboggan run.

Here’s a report from Jake:

“We had an absolute blast.

The drive was about 2.5 hours from Metung, taking it pretty easy.

We got to Dinner Plain at about 9:30 in the morning, and there was hardly anyone there.

They’ve got everything very well organised, in terms of social distancing. You don’t book ahead but you have to sign in, online, when you get there, and there’s a limit of 40 people on the hill at once.

The hill itself was easily the biggest and fastest sled run I’ve ever been on – it was awesome. Borderline unsafe, which for a six-year-old was perfect.

If you’re a kid, the last couple of months have been pretty crummy. So it was really great to just get Simon out and have some no-holds-barred, plain ol’ kid fun.

We sledded for a couple of hours, and wiped out a bunch of times.

After that, a few hours of snowball fights, snow monster-making, and some more sledding.

Then we took a break to have a couple of hotdogs for lunch – there’s a little coffee and food kiosk right next to the hill.

They’ve got the place really well set up. The staff were great, and everyone there was having a good time.

Simon slept in the car the whole way home. A top notch day that didn’t cost much. It was close to home, but felt like a world away.”

That sounds like a recommendation.

If this sounds like a trip for you, here’s the website for Dinner Plain: https://www.visitdinnerplain.com.au/

(Be sure to check the latest information regarding closures and restrictions.)

Do you have a favourite East Gippsland adventure you can recommend to our staff? Let us know – use the form below.