A Christmas Tradition of Selflessness at Maddocks Gardens

Maddocks Gardens staff and residents Cathleen Lees, Deborah Gough, Nora Young, Cosette Murphy, Val Crawford, Cora Lieuwen, Catherine Reed, Dot Calnin, Carolyn Morgan, Kath Byrne, Lisa Lightowler of the East Gippsland Community Christmas Appeal, and Syd Davies. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Stories of generosity and selflessness are always terrific to hear, and that’s especially true this time of year.

Here’s a lovely one.

Each year, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service sets aside a certain amount of money to buy a Christmas present for each of the residents of our Maddocks Gardens aged care facility.

And each year, the residents get together and politely decline the gift.

They decide the money should be better spent buying gifts for people that really need them.

It’s a wonderful gesture of charity and goodwill.

This year that gesture has provided Christmas presents for five local families that otherwise would have had to do without.

The donation was made through the East Gippsland Community Christmas Appeal, which is the joint effort of a number of social service organisations that help people in need.

BRHS staff handpicked each of the Christmas presents from local shops. Those presents will now go to families that have children with complex care needs.

Congratulations and thanks to all Maddocks Gardens residents for such a lovely display of true Christmas spirit.