A Crafty Gift of Kindness and Charity from Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre

Yvonne Byers, Kay Claringbold and Anne Bloomer at work on the “fidget sleeves.” Photos: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Bairnsdale Regional Health Service is forever grateful for the generous, passionate and creative people that support the health service in a myriad of ways.

Like the crafty ladies of the Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre, who have spent the past several months crocheting special arm sleeves that help calm the nerves of people with dementia or those with anxiety.

Known as fidget sleeves, or fiddle sleeves, the crocheted works of art help reduce stress for people prone to anxiety and fidgeting, like those living with dementia.

Decorated with beads, buttons, and bobs, the knitted or crocheted cuffs provide a stimulation activity for restless hands, and also help prevent the wearer from disturbing the entry point of an IV tube or cannula.

Earlier this month the Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre delivered 26 fidget sleeves to BRHS, which were gratefully received and put to use by the nursing staff at Maddocks Gardens aged care facility.

(How many fidget sleeves can you make in an evening? “It depends what’s on telly.”)

Sylvia Wilson adds a few more fidget sleeves to the delivery for BRHS.

Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre is a not for profit association that provides a range of social and recreational activities, child care, and adult education classes.

Learn more the Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre at pnc.vic.edu.au or by calling 5156 0214.

Many thanks to the Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre, and to everyone in this community that donates their time and talents to making BRHS the best health service it can be.