A New Tech Weapon to Help BRHS Staff During COVID Pandemic

BRHS Aged Care Educator Carolyn Morgan and her Vocera Badge unit. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


To help our frontline healthcare staff work as safely and efficiently as possible in a COVID-19 environment, BRHS is expanding its use of industry-leading hands-free communication technology to acute wards in our hospital.

Vocera is a communications system used by hospitals all over the world that allows staff to communicate and connect with each other instantly via voice commands or finger taps on a small device worn on the lapel.

“It’s been a real game-changer. It saves us a lot of legwork, and allows us to get help quickly when we need it.”

It locates the wearer through the building’s Wi-Fi system, and can immediately notify and mobilise a select team of people in the event of medical alert or emergency, or any event that requires a fast and coordinated response.

Of particular importance to BRHS staff working under the tight infection prevention protocols in place at the moment is that they’ll now be able to speak to colleagues immediately in other parts of the hospital without having to “don and doff” (put on and take off) personal protective equipment, or cross between COVID protected areas.

The rollout of the Vocera Badge system to staff working in COVID areas in the main hospital began last week.

Vocera was installed for staff at our aged care facility, Maddocks Gardens, in 2019, and the feedback from them has been very positive.

“It’s been a real game-changer,” said Aged Care Educator Carolyn Morgan. “It saves us a lot of legwork, and allows us to get help quickly when we need it. In a place like Maddocks Gardens, which is a large building with a number of different areas, that’s been really important.”

Carolyn said that, despite the complicated technology behind the system, staff at Maddocks Gardens found the set-up and training process very simple, and had not encountered any tech issues so far.

“It’s been very, very simple,” she said. “Each Vocera device is set up to recognise that particular person’s voice, and it takes 10 minutes or so to go through the set up process. It doesn’t take long and at all to pick it up.”

Hear more from Carolyn on how Vocera has helped at Maddocks Gardens on the video, below.