A Round of Applause for Those That Shone Brightly at BRHS in 2020

Graduate Nurse Lisa Redenbach was named Best First Year Player in the 2020 BRHS Trademark Behaviours Awards. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Once again the annual BRHS Trademark Behaviours Awards demonstrated that our staff have a lot of love for their colleagues, and appreciate their commitment, energy and talents.

Congratulations and kudos to everyone that nominated someone this year, and to all those who were nominated.

Due to COVID restrictions, the Trademark Behaviours Award winners were announced at a small ceremony at BRHS last week.

Though colleagues and friends weren’t able to congratulate the winners at the time, please take a moment when you can to reach out to them soon with some warm words of appreciation.

Here’s the winners:

  • Best First Year Player: Lisa Redenbach, Graduate Nurse
  • Ms/Mr Congeniality: Graham Hackett, Orderly/Cleaner
  • The Einstein Award: Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
  • The Innovator: Emma McKinney, Physiotherapist
  • My Team is BRHS Award: Procurement Team + ICT Team (Joint Winners)

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll share short stories of each of the winners, starting today with Graduate Nurse Lisa Redenbach, who is currently doing a rotation in Theatre.

“Lisa’s smile beams through her mask lighting up every shift!” wrote one appreciative colleague in nominating Lisa.

Lisa’s values and attitude reflect the BRHS Trademark Behaviours through consistently displaying mutual respect for colleagues and genuine care for all her patients.

Her positive and friendly nature promotes positive working relationships and patient health outcomes where all individuals are valued and respected.

“Lisa’s attitude to life and her commitment to her work and patients is infectious!” one colleague said. “Lisa’s energy supports others to build on their positive attitudes and provides welcome relief in our current climate where stress is affecting many. I believe being surrounded by positive “can do” people drives us all to become the best versions of ourselves!”

Well done Lisa. We’re thrilled to have you at BRHS.

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