A Work of Art and a Gift – Debby Hardman’s Colourful Blankets Give Warmth at BRHS

Debby Hardman donated four more of her colourful blankets to BRHS last week. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Debby Hardman looks back on her years growing up in the remote community of Woomera, South Australia, as a childhood unlike what most experience these days.

“We didn’t have a TV,” she remembers. “And so you make your own entertainment.”

One of the many things Debby learned to do as a kid in Woomera was to knit. Her grandmother taught her. Knitting, crocheting – she’s just one of those people that can make things. And she’s been doing it on and off for most of her life.

She remembers knitting a pair of booties for a baby cousin when she was six. Years later she would knit clothes for her own children.

BRHS is very fortunate that about 18 months ago Debby moved to the Bairnsdale area, where she brought with her a talent for making lovely colourful blankets and a broad streak of generosity.

In the past couple of months Debby has donated a number of these fantastic knitted and crocheted pieces to the hospital, for us to give to patients and their families that might need them.

Before moving to East Gippsland, Debby was a member of an excellent group of women known as the “Mothers Union,” through her local Anglican Church. There, they donated knitted items to people in need of the warmth, physically and metaphorically.

“Basically, it’s a group of women who help people,” she says. Simple. Marvellous.

When she moved to East Gippsland she immediately connected with the Mothers Union through St. John’s here in Bairnsdale, who suggested BRHS would be appreciative of her blankets.

They were right.

Knitting and crocheting is also a salve for Debby – she suffers a mild form of MS, and the knitting motion helps relieve discomfort in her hands.

Each blanket, made up of knitted yarn squares that are crocheted together at the end, takes her about six weeks.

The end result is a work of art, and a gift.

Thank you Debby for your generosity!