“Always Respectful” Food Services Team Thanked by Appreciative Colleagues

BRHS’ Food Services team was applauded by their colleagues for always being polite, respectful and supportive. (Photo taken prior to COVID restrictions.)


The hardworking staff of our Food Services team were just some of the BRHS team members to be applauded by their colleagues last month for always being polite, respectful and supportive.

“Cam and his team are always professional, polite and helpful,” wrote one appreciative colleague. “The team is responsive and always respectful in communication regardless of how much pressure they are under.

The recognition came as part of the BRHS Respectful campaign, which focused on things we can all do to make sure we are polite and respectful workmates, and that we make sure the people around us feel heard, safe and respected.

As part of our drive to make BRHS a great place to work where staff feel respected and valued, we’re highlighting BRHS staff that model the type of behaviour that makes a great team member.

Do you know someone that fits the bill?

Give them a pat on the back now by emailing brhs.communications@brhs.com.au

(Go on, it feels great to say something nice about someone…)

BRHS Staff can learn more about the BRHS Respectful campaign on the Intranet’s campaign page.