Always Up For a Challenge, Steph Meade’s Curiosity and Energy an Asset at BRHS

Steph Meade is part of the Electronic Medical Records project team. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


“So there I am, down in this basement, no windows, scanning pieces of paper all day,” Steph Meade remembers. “It was pretty depressing.”

This was 2018, and Steph was working at Royal Melbourne as the hospital tackled the difficult job of moving from paper-based to electronic medical records.

“I’d done a bit of data migration work before, and at that stage I was keen to put my hand up for anything, to get some new experience,” she said.

Born and raised in Bairnsdale, Steph had worked with BRHS as a volunteer back in 2013, before picking up part-time and eventually full-time work in Medical Records.

She immediately become known for her curiosity and energy, and a willingness to take on any new challenge.

It’s a trait that is always appreciated trait at BRHS.

And so when Steph returned to the Bairnsdale area in 2020 after a few years in Melbourne and the UK, she quickly made herself an indispensable part of the team again.

“I was doing bits of everything for everyone – filling in with the Executive Assistants, and helping out in Medical Records again,” she said. “When the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) project came up, I put my hand up right away.”

Steph said the welcome she received when she returned to BRHS impressed upon her the warm sense of friendly community that existed here, but that was not often the case in larger organisations.

“People I wouldn’t have expected to remember me as a volunteer 6 or 7 years ago were coming up to me and saying ‘it’s great to see you again – welcome back’, and that was really lovely,” she said.

Implementing the EMR in our Emergency Dept. was a huge challenge, and Steph said being a part of the team responsible for that was hugely rewarding.

“I like achieving something – I like to challenge myself,” she said.

Steph’s drive to succeed continues – she‘s currently studying toward her Diploma in Business Administration through Swinburne.

It scratches an itch for Steph that she says is integral to who she wants to be in her career, and in her life.

“I really like working at a hospital,” she said. “I can’t handle blood, but I always want to be involved in something important, and the work we do here is important.”

Good on you, Steph, and to all those other dedicated people at BRHS putting their hands up when the chips are down.