“Always Willing to Help and a Fantastic Person to Work With” – Colleagues Show Their Appreciation for Allyson Reddick

Allyson Reddick. Photo by Jake Lynch/BRHS


“Allyson is one of the most friendly and helpful team leaders I have ever worked with. She is always ready to help both staff and patients when asked.”

“As a team leader Allyson creates a happy supportive environment that makes coming to work a pleasure.”

It was comments like these that made Medical Records Clerk Allyson Reddick a popular winner of the Mr/Ms Congeniality category of our Trademark Behaviours Awards this week.

The Trademark Behaviours Awards are a wonderful annual celebration of good people doing great things at BRHS, and recognise employees and teams that exemplify one or more of BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours:

  • Step up and Take Responsibility
  • Be Positive and Support Others
  • Display Trust and Mutual Respect
  • Learn and Apply Knowledge
  • Courage to Change

The respect and admiration that Allyson’s colleagues have for her was made clear in their nominations for her to win the award.

Here’s just a sample.

“Allyson has stepped up to the team leader role and has taken on the responsibility that this role entails. She is very supportive, has a positive attitude and is very approachable as a team leader.”

“I have seen Allyson assist patients and their family members who were obviously confused and worried. She is always empathetic and caring in these situations and goes out of her way to ensure that they are reassured.”

“Allyson’s problem solving skills and calm nature has enabled her to overcome challenges and ensure the department runs smoothly.”

“She displays trust and has mutual respect not just within the Medical Records team but with all the staff that we have contact with in this department. She goes out of her way for the patients and visitors to the hospital to make their stay is comfortable, and that they are well informed.”

“Allyson is always willing to help and is a fantastic person to work with. She is always positive and respectful to all staff and patients.”

Congratulations, Allyson!

And a huge thank you to all the people that took a few moments out of your day to nominate someone for a Trademark Behaviours Award.

By showing your appreciation for the people you work with, you made a real contribution to growing a strong culture of encouragement and support here at BRHS.