Appreciation for the Work of Others the Idea Behind BRHS Awards

Environmental Services team member Val Wilson. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Our Trademark Behaviours Awards are an opportunity for our staff to give a shout out to people they think are worthy of recognition for the great work they do at BRHS.

But really, it’s the opportunity to nominate someone that is the real gift.

Giving someone a moment of praise and congratulations feels absolutely lovely and great – a Shiatsu massage for the spirit.

What is particularly nice to see is when staff nominate people or teams in other areas of the health service.

Calling out your own team for praise is one thing. But it’s especially nice to see staff recognising the efforts of other teams.

So over the next few weeks we’re going to highlight Trademark Behaviours Awards nominations from one department to another.

Like this one from our Media and Communications Coordinator Jake Lynch, who had some nice things to say about the Environmental Services team…

“Due to the need for additional cleans and new infection prevention requirements during COVID, the cleaning staff have been worked off their feet but continue to find a way to get the job done,” Jake wrote in his online nomination.

“Other roles in this team, such as porters, have found themselves right on the front line due to close contact with a wide array of patients. During COVID, their job has been especially tough, and I’d like to see them recognised for their remarkable efforts and dedication to the health service.”

Congratulations to the Environmental Services team, and to Jake for taking a few short minutes to nominate them.

He’s probably feeling pretty good right about now.

If you work at BRHS, you can give yourself that same warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s free, super-healthy, and good for soul.

All you have to do is click on the Trademark Behaviours Awards link (it’s also at the top of the Intranet homepage,) and take 5 minutes to nominate someone.

Deadline for nominations is 11 October.