Are You Okay? The Conversation That Could Change a Life


Today is R U OK? Day.

R U OK? is about helping all Australians know what to say if someone in their life says they are not OK.

It’s not always easy to keep the conversation going when someone says they’re not OK.

But it could change a life.

If you want to know how to better navigate a conversation with someone in their life who might be struggling, click the image above to watch an interactive roleplay video.

And here’s a link to a whole host of other educational resources.

‘There’s more to say after R U OK?’, is the message for R U OK? Day 2020.

You don’t have to be an expert.

But by knowing what to say when someone says they’re not OK you can you can show your care and genuinely help someone access appropriate support long before they’re in crisis.

That conversation could change, or even save, their life.

By asking, listening without judgement, encouraging action and checking in, you can help someone you care about through a tough time.

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