At BRHS, We Are Proud to be Training the Nurses of the Future


Some of the nursing students that spent time at BRHS last year: Emily Rooney (2nd yr, Fed Uni), Renee Birmingham (2nd yr – UniSA), Amanda Tyquin (2nd yr, Fed Uni), Carley Moar (2nd yr Fed Uni), Amii O’Connell (2nd yr), Diana Vodapianoff (2nd yr UniSA), Megan Herbstreit (2nd yr Fed Uni), Rachel Heily (3rd yr Fed Uni), Renna Bradshaw (2nd yr Fed Uni), Katelyn Schmatfield (2nd yr Fed Uni).


Here at BRHS we know providing the best training for the nurses of the future is vital to our being able to continue to provide high quality care.

And so we place great importance on supporting nursing students at all levels, and wherever their professional ambitions lie.

Last year we supervised more than 260 students.

Our work with nursing students supports the development of well-rounded, dynamic health professionals, and provides students with exposure to working in a variety of settings outside the urban centres.

Building a healthy pipeline of local nurses into rewarding careers here in East Gippsland is not only important to us, it’s also important to the future of this community.

The majority of these students came from local education providers, primarily Federation Training and Federation University.

We are proud that BRHS gives nursing students from this region the opportunity to “train local and stay local.” Building a healthy pipeline of local nurses into rewarding careers here in East Gippsland is not only important to us, it’s also important to the future of this community.

It’s very rewarding to see learners who have enjoyed their clinical placement experience at BRHS return to complete a graduate year.

Many then continue to gain employment contracts at BRHS within a Transition Program year.

Some move into specialty areas and continue their professional studies with a postgraduate certificate, diploma or Masters of Nursing to take on more senior roles and responsibilities.

Undergraduate Clinical Educator, Lyn Davies, supervises 3rd year Fed Uni Nursing student, Liezl Lariosa’s Basic Life Support training.

Local students are also enrolled in distance learning programs through the University of South Australia, Charles Darwin University and Charles Sturt University.

We also partner with the educational institution Partners in Training, in Sale.

Other local learners that have placement with BRHS may study with the University of Western Sydney, Deakin, Australian Catholic University and Monash. BRHS also provided student placements for RMIT, Holmesglen, Navitas, Swinburne University, Chisholm, Southern Cross and Menzies Institute of Technology.

Student placements range from 1 – 8 weeks depending on discipline and requirements. We have strong working relationships with education providers and ensure the student experiences a well-rounded, supported placement to build professional, safe standards of care.

The wider community support our organisation as a training facility and understands the learners need to build confidence in skills, communication and knowledge. Students can then focus on delivering a person centred approach to care engaging the patient and family through all aspects of care management.

We welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds from metro, regional and rural settings to experience excellence in care through supported nursing practice.

To learn more about student placement opportunities at BRHS, contact our Education Department at