“Being Recognised Means a Lot” – BRHS Nurse On What Keeps Her Going


By BRHS Nurse Rachel Schreuder

Nursing in the Emergency Department and Short Stay Unit as a Graduate Registered Nurse for the past month has been a real eye-opener.

Our profession requires a level of dedication and passion that tests even the most experienced members of our team.

The past few days have been no exception.

However, what makes my hard work worth it, is the realisation that I have made a difference to someone else.

Being recognised and appreciated means a lot in this demanding profession.

The past few days I have been working in the Short Stay Unit, a vital unit within our Emergency Department.

Even when the hours were long, resources were stretched, overtime was worked, and we weren’t sure if we could take much more, we persisted.

We persist because we care.

We persist because every patient matters.

Their experience in our health care service matters. It matters to me.

Every patient I assess and treat is not just another patient. They are a person who matters and whose experience matters.

Something I always try to impress upon nursing students, and hopefully my colleagues, is that anyone can care FOR a patient, but it’s caring ABOUT the person, and each other, that makes a difference.

This is ultimately what drives us as health care professionals to keep going.

I received many compliments, thanks, and expressions of gratitude the last few days from patients I have cared for.

And I just want to say that your recognition and thanks means the world to me, and I, in turn, want to thank you.

One patient commented that she really appreciated hearing the professional communication between staff.

Another patient said he could see resources were stretched, yet he was patient and understanding. Another patient simply said “you’re a great nurse, I really mean that.”

It was equally lovely to be recognised by the nurse in charge from the previous shift who handed me a BRHS Kudos Card with a personal message and chocolates.

Being told you are appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear.

It is very important to know your hard work has been noticed, and motivates you to strive and do even better.