BRHS Expands Support for Staff

Radiographer Peter Stevens and Tambo Nurse Tammy-Lee Chatwin are two of BRHS’ Workplace Support Officers.


Over the past couple of years, the kind of pressures our staff face in the workplace has grown and changed like never before.

And so, as a response, BRHS is evolving how it provides support to staff.

One way were doing that is by revamping the old Contact Officer role.

In order to provide better support during times of psychological stress, and to strengthen the hospital’s response to family violence, the Contact Officer role has been broadened, now to be known as Workplace Support Officers.

Our Workplace Support Officer plays an important role in helping create a work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Workplace Support Officers also provide peer support to employees at BRHS who may be experiencing family violence, and support the employee’s participation in decision-making that strengthens respectful relationships, challenges the normalities of violence and supports those affected by violence to reduce its consequences.

Conversations with Workplace Support Officers are confidential.

A pocket brochure has been developed to enable staff easy access to information about workplace support at BRHS, and these will be rolled out across the organisation in the coming weeks.

The BRHS Workplace Support Officers are:

Kathy McCullagh

Belinda Rowe

Carla Marques

Tammylee Chatwin

Peter Stevens

Jan Gallagher

Aasta Holmes

Contact info for the BRHS Workplace Support Officers is on the Intranet under Employee Services > Workplace Support Officers