BRHS Welcomes Cutting Edge CT Scanner

The latest addition to Bairnsdale Regional Health Service’s state of the art medical imaging technology is their new Toshiba 320 detector row Aquilion ONE CT Scanner which came into operation as of Monday 24th August.

“Our new CT Scanner is one of the most technologically advanced on offer in regional hospitals within the State and delivers a significantly improved service to our consumers.”  Said Therese Tierney, Chief Executive Officer.  “It is the latest version of CT machine that is currently installed in the Alfred Hospital Emergency Department, Monash Medical Centre and Box Hill Hospital and is the only volume scanner in regional Victoria.  The technology used by the CT Scanner provides cutting edge cardiac imaging for the heart and coronary arteries in a single heartbeat. There are also dedicated software packages for a range of applications including stroke, dynamic orthopaedic, vascular as well as imaging of the colon and bowel and ultra low dose lung scanning.”  Ms Tierney added.

The Toshiba 320 Detector Aquilion One CT features greatly reduced radiation exposure and a more comfortable experience for the patient.  It’s advanced technology and 320 slice rotation allows for exceptional quality images of entire organs such as the heart and the brain to be produced with only one rotation of the scanner which in turn provides faster and more accurate scanning.

“The BRHS Medical Imaging team have undergone extensive training on the use of the new machine and have been very excited to see it in action.” Said Melanie Rice, Medical Imaging Manager “Investing in this type of technology not only brings great benefits to our local community but also ensures our staff are exposed to state of the art technology which increases their skills and expertise.”

“To enable the installation of the new scanner, BRHS has invested in significant refurbishment of the existing CT suite.” Said Therese Tierney, BRHS CEO, “We are very pleased to be able to now provide a wider range of CT Scanning services that will help to reduce the need for consumers to travel ‘down the line’ to other health services.  The technology now available to our community also allows us to see more patients each day as our workflows are made more efficient.” Ms Tierney added.

The service is referral based and appointments can be made by contacting the BRHS Medical Imaging Department.