“Chook Chasing” and Other Highlights from ISO Exercise Challenge, Week 1

Photo courtesy NIFTYART on Unsplash


The “ISO Love to Exercise” Challenge is throwing down the gauntlet to BRHS staff to get their sweatbands and lycra on and get fitness creative during these weird and challenging times of COVID social distancing.

And, boy, have they responded.

More than 170 BRHS staff have signed up to take part, forming teams with odd and unknowable names such as Peas & Carrots, Shadow Sonos, the EXECSercisers, the Anti Toadstools, and the Pace Makers.

The “ISO Love to Exercise” Challenge was created by our PHEW (Positive Health and Employee Wellbeing) Committee. The goal is to encourage our staff to take a little time whenever they can to focus on their own physical and mental health, with a big emphasis on some light-hearted fun.

One week in and it’s clear there probably aren’t any budding Olympians in our midst.

It is also clear, however, that our people have a broad and stretchy definition of the word “exercise.” In addition to lots of people logging k’s walking and jogging, here’s a few less traditional entries that came in during the first week.

“Built bonfire and danced around it.”

“Obstacle course created by 4 year old.”

“Wii Fit.”

“Chasing chooks.”

“Wood chucking.” (What is wood chucking? Is it literally chucking wood? That just seems pointless.)

“Chasing Alpacas.”

“Dreaming of climbing a mountain.” (No, this does not count. But it’s funny.)

“Fixing chook coop.”

“Pooh-pong.” (Yep, pooh-pong, which is actually just regular ping pong using “stool” shaped paddles from Spotlight.)

It’s also been terrific to see that some staff have been putting in the time and effort to exercise and play with their kids (and dogs!). Good parenting is ace.

For their creative, unusual or otherwise outstanding efforts in this first week, the organisers have awarded encouragement prizes to:

  • The Complex Care team
  • Lindy Stewart
  • Erika Bromwich

At this early stage we can also announce that the leading exercisers thus far are:

  1. David McConachy
  2. Rachael Armstrong
  3. Erica Bromwich
  4. Dina Schreuder
  5. Alison Pearce

A friendly but firm reminder to teams that “incidental steps” do not count toward exercise totals.

(We hate to be nit-picky, but it looks like this thing is going to get very competitive as we head toward the pointy end of the month, and it’s best to get things straight right from the start.)

If you have any questions about the ISO Love to Exercise Challenge, email PHEW@brhs.com.au or call Mardi McLaughlin on ext. 66619