Healthy Cooking Demo To Kick Off Wellness Month at BRHS


Whether you’re a nurse, a cleaner, a cook or a surgeon, working in a health service can be a stressful job.

And so it’s important to always leave enough time in your life for doing whatever it is you like to do to stay happy, healthy and balanced.

That’s why the BRHS PHEW (Positive Health and Employee Wellbeing) crew is organising events for all BRHS staff this October around the theme “Make Time for a Healthy Mind.”

During Make Time for a Healthy Mind Month there’ll be various pop-up events, demonstrations and info sessions on all kinds of things related to health, wellbeing and mindfulness.

The first event of the month is at 12:30 p.m. this coming Wednesday, Oct. 16, with a Healthy Cooking Demonstration in the cafeteria courtyard.

BRHS Dietician Susanna Hope and Cook Laura Akkerman will teach you some expert hacks while they demo a couple of fast and tasty lunch and dinner recipes.

All staff are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Stay tuned for more Make Time for a Healthy Mind Month events coming to the BRHS blog in the days ahead.

For more info about Make Time for a Healthy Month, and PHEW, contact Mardi McLaughlin on ext. 66619.