From Beach to Bush – Local Tourism Expert Gives Her Top Three Trips in East Gippsland

It’s been a tough few months for healthcare workers in East Gippsland, no doubt. That doesn’t need any explaining – we’ve all been through it.

Here at BRHS, we want to make sure that our crew is looking after themselves, to maintain their own health and wellbeing.  Our staff are vitally important to this community, and we want to look after them.

So we’re running a bit of a campaign this month to encourage staff to take a few days off, do something fun, and make the most of the massive playground that is East Gippsland.

To help us learn more about the some of the region’s best attractions, we turned to the experts.

Here’s some pro-tips from Hayley Hardy at East Gippsland Marketing, who was kind enough to share a few of her favourite places to visit in our beautiful part of the world…

Lovely Mallacoota. Photos courtesy Hayley Hardy/East Gippsland Marketing


“By far ones of my favourites.

Roughly 3 hours from Bairnsdale, this small town was devastated by bushfires in January this year but it has not dampened its spirit.

The town has a HUGE caravan park run by the Shire that wraps around the main part of the town (which is only really one street).

For families (like ours), this is great.

It means that we can let the kids ride their bikes around the park, while my husband or I grab a coffee from town – and we can see the kids the whole time!

There are lots of activities to do if you want to get outdoors, from boating, fishing and kayaking, to just strolling around town and trying to spot a koala – one of our favourites.

Trying the local seafood is a must do. Lucy’s Noodle House is amazing, with locally caught abalone in several dishes.

Best seafood platter is from the Mallacoota Hotel – with lots of fresh (not battered) shellfish.

I recommend the coffee from Origami (and don’t forget to ask Taki how he ended up on Mallacoota, it’s a great story).

Top Tip: On your way to Mallacoota, stop in at Wild Rye’s in Cann River and grab one of their AMAZING pies and a loaf of bread. You won’t regret it.



This is my favourite little-known walk in East Gippsland.

Located between Swifts Creek and Omeo (around 2 hours from Bairnsdale), Nunniong is a beautiful split between temperate rainforest and Alpine landscape.

The trees are enormous here (think the Faraway Tree with Moonface et al).

There is a high-country hut located at the juncture of the walks, Moscow Villa, where you can learn all about the man who lived and worked in the region.

This used to be a timber haulage area and heritage structures remain for you to find and have a good look at.

The walks range from 800m to 5km and are easily manageable by children.

We thankfully took warm clothes when we went in September as Nunniong is located at on top of a mountain range.

On the way home, stop in at Nullamunjie Olive Oil, an award-winning olive grower located at Tongio. Grab a platter of local cheese, sit in the sun and don’t forget to take a bottle home with you.


Cape Conran

This is my favourite local beach. It’s only an hour from Bairnsdale.

The surrounding areas of bush next to the beach was damaged in the fires but the beach is accessible and still as beautiful as ever.

The beach itself is child-friendly and if you’re up for surf, East Cape is your best bet for some great waves.

Keep your eyes peeled from May to November, as you may be lucky enough to see whales from here.

For a post-beach feed, we love to pop into the Marlo Hotel, grab a table on the deck and watch the sun set over the Snowy River estuary (mouth of the Snowy River) while enjoying one of the many local wines or beers on offer.

Thanks Hayley!

Do you have a favourite East Gippsland adventure you can recommend to our staff?

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