Fundraising Effort Brings Top-Of-The-Line Fetal Monitor to BRHS Maternity

Elaine Newcomen and Marg Porter of BRHS’ Bower Birds Auxiliary with the cableless fetal monitor their group purchased for BRHS. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


East Gippsland’s mums-to-be have some dedicated fundraisers to thank for a new piece of fetal monitoring equipment on BRHS’ maternity ward.

The top-of-the-line Phillips Avalon CL is a cableless maternal and fetal monitoring system that keeps track of how mum and bub are progressing during labour while giving mum complete freedom to move or walk around.

(It can also provide continuous wireless monitoring of fetal heart rate of twins and triplets.)

Very cool.

Of course, the best equipment often costs a pretty penny.

Enter, the Bower Birds Fundraising Auxiliary.

The many hours the Bower Birds have given to various fundraising activities, including Bunnings barbecues, stalls in the Main St. mall, and providing lunches for Opera By The Lakes, has reaped a great benefit for BRHS and our maternity patients.

Their hard work, and the generosity of this community, raised the more than $43,000 necessary to purchase the cableless monitoring system.

“This is a terrific piece of equipment that will make a huge difference to mums in labour,” said Rotamah Ward Nurse Unit Manager Lisa Hodge. “Finding a comfortable position or even just walking around can be quite difficult when the woman is connected to a monitor. Our midwives do a really good job of making birthing mums as comfortable as possible. Now, thanks to the Bower Birds, we’re able to do that even better.”

If you want to help make good things happen at BRHS, the Bower Birds are always looking for new members.

To learn more about joining the Bower Birds, or other volunteering opportunities at BRHS, visit, or reach out to Volunteers Coordinator, Blanche Evans, at, or 5150 3346.