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Did you read about the little boy born 9-weeks premature that returned to the hospital to celebrate his first birthday?

Or did you see the wonderful photos of the Theatre Nurse that transformed into a “Zumba Queen?”

Did you see the heart-warming video about Polly and Basil the BRHS Therapy Poodles?

Or the critical info shared by a young Mum and asthma nurse about protecting her kids during asthma season?

Over the past 6 months we have posted more than 120 stories to the BRHS Blog from and by the huge community of people that make up BRHS.

They are stories about us, about you and your community.

And they are stories about what is happening right now to keep you safe and healthy in East Gippsland.

When the bushfires threatened our homes, we used the BRHS Blog to post the latest information about where you could access help and health services.

We’re using the BRHS Blog to share pertinent information about the Coronavirus outbreak.

And when the latest news breaks that’s important to you and the health of people in this community, you’ll read it first on the BRHS Blog.

But in this day and age it can be hard to keep track of all the local news you need, so we’ve made it simple.

Introducing the BRHS News Feed – every second Friday morning, right to your inbox.

The BRHS News Feed lands in your email inbox every second Friday morning, and contains all the best and most important news from the past fortnight.

It’s short, and to the point.

Click on the stories that interest you. Skip past the ones that don’t.

For just 5 seconds out of your day, the BRHS News Feed is a convenient way to stay connected to important things happening in your community.

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