Here’s a Few Changes to Visiting Regulations at BRHS


As East Gippslanders continue to do a great job guarding this community against COVID-19 (thank you + keep at it!), restrictions at BRHS continue to ease a little.

Here’s a few changes to the regulations around visiting patients and aged care residents at Maddocks Gardens.

  • All members of a single household can visit a hospital patient or aged care resident once per day, for up to 2 hours.
  • The number of visitors allowed to visit with the patient or resident at one time will be limited by the size of the room. To maintain physical distancing, waiting visitors may be asked to wait outside the building.
  • Children under 16 can now visit.
  • Visitors from outside the single household are limited to one visitor per person, per day, for up to two hours.
  • There is now no time limit on a partner visiting the maternity ward.

Please remember that all visits must still adhere to signposted room limits in order to maintain physical distancing.

So please visit only when it’s absolutely necessary. A phone or video call, or a letter, is still a lovely alternative. And there’s no limits on those!

Visiting hours and all other visiting regulations remain in place.

As COVID-19 regulations continue to change, we appreciate your flexibility and ongoing vigilance.

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