If Someone You Know Is a Patient at BRHS, Give Them a Call Today!

Photo by Dustin Belt/Unsplash


Did you know that all patients at Bairnsdale Regional Health Service have access to an iPad for video calls with friends and family?

If you have a loved-one in the hospital at the moment, and are unable to visit them for whatever reason, our staff on the wards can arrange for you to connect with them via a video call.

With coronavirus restrictions limiting visitors to the hospital, it’s important that friends and family find other ways to stay in touch with patients, at a time when they really need support and comfort.

If someone you know is a patient at BRHS at the moment, please, give them a call.

Phone 5150 3333 and our very helpful reception staff will put you through. (And if you’re interested, ask someone on the ward about arranging a video call.)

Or, you can write them a letter that will be hand-delivered the same day by dropping it in the special mailbox for patients at the front entrance to the hospital.

Earlier this month, the time limit on visiting BRHS was extended from 1 hour to 2.

It was only a small change, but for patients in the hospital and their loved ones, it was a very welcome one.

But it’s important to remember that visiting the hospital is still strictly limited.

Patients can still only have 1 visitor each day.

Visiting is still only permitted when essential, and where care and support cannot be delivered via a phone or video call.

There are exceptions for visiting patients in palliative care. And for maternity patients, only the partner or equivalent support person can be with the patient during the maternity admission. No other family is permitted to visit.

For more information about visiting BRHS, and other coronavirus restrictions, visit www.brhs.com.au/coronavirus