It’s On, People – Volleyball Fever Takes Hold at BRHS

The winning spiker or the person sprawled out on the ground? Which one will you be? Photo by Vince Fleming/Unsplash


What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a volleyball court?



What can you serve but never eat?

A volleyball!


See where this is going? Volleyball time!

BRHS is now recruiting fierce and ferocious sportspeople of all kinds for the Bairnsdale Volleyball Association Annual Community Challenge Competition!

Laid back and peaceful sportspeople also encouraged to apply. Anyone and everyone, really.

This competition is all about having some fun playing one of the best team sports in the world – volleyball. Or as it is otherwise known “a really intense version of don’t let the balloon hit the ground.”

Get involved and have a blast digging, setting and spiking your way to victory in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

WHEN: Games start from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. over three consecutive Thursday nights, July 18 and 25 and August 1.

WHERE: Bairnsdale Aquatic and Recreation Centre (BARC)

COST: Small fee charged by the BARC upon entry.

Interested? Contact Genevieve Ryan, Allied Health, Ext 66388 or Ethan Loh, Allied Health, Ext 66388. Or email

And you’ll get one of those coveted PHEW drink bottles, and a cap!

Now there’s, the kicker…