Live Cooking Demo Spices Up the Day for Dialysis Patients

BRHS Cook Paul Akkerman prepares a simple Chicken Teriyaki stir fry for patients in our Dialysis Unit. Photos: Tony Baron/BRHS


Making Dialysis a little fun.

Sounds like a tough job description, doesn’t it?

But that’s one of the things that BRHS Dialysis Admin Assistant Sharon Weatherill thinks about every day.

Sharon’s job, among other things, is to find creative ways to keep our Dialysis patients entertained, engaged and informed during the hours they have to spend receiving treatment here at BRHS.

“You know, it’s three days a week for our patients, sometimes for more than four hours a day,” Sharon said. “We all know each other – it becomes like a little community. It’s important that we make that community as fun and as welcoming as we can.”

Last week Sharon tried something new for the Dialysis patients – a live cooking demo.

Hosted by our own BRHS Food Services culinary kings, the goal for the cooking demo was to give the Dialysis patients a shortcut to something super nutritious they could prepare quickly and easily at home.

The modified Chicken Teriyaki stir fry was a hit with the patients, as were the Food Services staff that put on the show.

“Cam and his team are wonderful,” Sharon said.

For his part, Food Services Executive Chef Cam Penwill was happy to help out.

“Oh yeah, it was lots of fun,” Cam said. “It’s good to do something different. If it keeps our patients and community well fed and interested in healthy and delicious food, then we’re all for it.”