Living With a Disability? There Is Help For You to Access the COVID Vaccine

BRHS’ Disability Liaison Officer, April Freely. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


If you or someone you care for is living with a disability, there is a staff person at BRHS dedicated to helping you access local health services, including getting the COVID vaccine.

Earlier this week the Victorian Government announced $5 million in funding to improve access to COVID Vaccination for people living with a disability.

Here at BRHS, our Disability Liaison Officer, April Freely, has been providing that service for the local community since the vaccine rollout began earlier this year.

“For many of us, the process of getting vaccinated may be fairly easy and straightforward,” April said. “But for people with a disability there are all kinds of barriers. My job is to get rid of those barriers whenever possible, or help people navigate around them.”

“We want every Victorian to have access to the COVID vaccine, and that includes people with a disability, who are sometimes at an increased risk of getting very sick or dying from COVID.”

If you would like assistance arranging COVID vaccination for yourself or someone living with a disability, contact April Freely on 5150 3384 or

Vaccination rates among Victorians living with a disability are still lower than the general population.

And so from October all of Victoria’s state-run vaccination centres will support people with disabilities to get vaccinated at any time without a booking.

That includes BRHS’ COVID Vaccination Clinic at Bairnsdale City Oval, which is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Days and hours of the clinic are kept updated at