Local Social – Want to Know What They’re Saying About BRHS on Facebook?


Sometimes, social media can be a unpleasant place.

It’s a forum where people sometimes say not-very-nice things about others, where misinformation and bickering can thrive.

Not very “social.”

But, have you taken a look at BRHS’ facebook page lately?

As we’ve ramped up our efforts to tell more stories about the good things and great people that make up BRHS, the community has responded in kind by sharing their experiences at the health service.

And they make lovely reading.

What follows, below, is a verbatim reprinting of all the “Recommendation and Reviews” of BRHS submitted to our facebook page over the past 9 months.

This isn’t just the good ones. This is all of them. Nothing has been left out.


“I was taken to this hospital while on holidays with chest pain. The hospital didn’t muck around, kept me there until all tests were done and they were happy it wasn’t a heart attack. The doctor, the nurses were absolutely amazing and caring. What an amazing hospital you guys have. Thank you. Pity all hospitals couldn’t show the care and passion you guys have. Thanks again.”


“Dialysis is a bummer, but the cheerful, friendly nurses make it as good as possible.”


“A fantastic, well-organised, clean hospital with happy friendly staff. A big THANK YOU for looking after me.”


“Just have to give a big thumbs up to BRHS ????who we had to call upon this weekend for one of our girls. We were treated very quickly and efficiently by the ER staff, thank you very much. And once admitted (very quickly) the staff in the children’s ward were just as amazing, thank you so much ???? to all ????. Keep doing what you do. ???? We have had nothing but good experiences at the Bairnsdale hospital. Thank you.”


“The excellent staff! They are very friendly and courteous.”


“The staff are wonderful, so caring.”


“As always, excellent patient service.”


“I have always been well looked after by most of the staff at BRHS.

There was one issue when I was in to have surgery and a nurse manager told me to ring my husband and go home. Knowing my surgery was the next morning, there was no one on the nurses station! I was angry at the time, as I had the hospital contact me that night telling me to fast and make sure I was in there early morning. The excuse for sending me home was ‘we need the bed.’ The women in the room with me said the next day no one was put in the two empty beds until they bought me in from operation. I had pancreatitis which meant I had to be operated on. That is my only complaint.”


“Great care provided. Staff dedicated and professional.”

Thank you to everyone that took a moment out of their day to pass on feedback about their experiences at BRHS. Your kind words are energising, and your criticisms inspire us to keep improving.