“More Pelicans Than Traffic Lights” – How This Regional Health Service Is Putting “Life” Into “Work Life Balance”


The term “work life balance” might be in danger of becoming just another meaningless corporate buzz phrase.

Until you actually see it in action.

When you talk to the BRHS Surgical Services team about what they like about living and working in East Gippsland, “life” and “balance” are two words you hear a lot.

That’s due to the unique combination of 3 things:

  1. A busy and fully equipped Theatre that handles a wide variety of emergency and elective procedures.
  2. Living every day in one of Australia’s most beautiful natural playgrounds, nestled between endless pristine beaches, the snowfields, and lush native forests.
  3. Cost of living at a fraction of the city. Always wanted to live next to the beach? Or have a few spare acres for some horses and ducks? That’s out of reach for most people in the city. But to our staff, it’s the only way to live.

(Actually, let’s add a #4 – dream commutes. You’ll see more pelicans and cows than traffic lights on the way to work most days…)

If this sounds like how you want to live your life while also growing your career, BRHS has opportunities for you.

We are currently looking for talented nurses to join our Perioperative team.

The role involves a variety of tasks, working across the Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit, Scrub/Scout, Endoscopy, Pre Admission Clinic and Day Procedure Unit.

It’s predominantly a Monday to Friday position, with approximately 1 on-call weekend a month.

For Theatre ANUM Scott Joustra, one of the other great advantages of working at a regional centre like BRHS is the regular opportunities he gets to do new things and expand his career that are rarely given in larger metropolitan hospitals.

“We see it all,” he said. “Because we are a relatively small team serving the whole East Gippsland community, there’s an enormous variety in the kinds of procedures we do. Professionally and personally, I find that very satisfying. You’re always learning.”

“Rather than being confined to a narrow speciality, where your world gets smaller and smaller the longer you go down that career path, here our world is constantly expanding. It keeps the work interesting, but also is a great way for me to keep my career options open.”

Scott also says he likes being part of a health service where younger professionals are given leadership opportunities relatively earlier in their careers.

“A lot of our NUMS and managers and ANUMs across the health service – they are in their 30s and early 40s,” he said. “If you are good at what you do and willing to lead, BRHS gives you the chance to step up. If you’re ambitious and want to grow your career more quickly than you could at a bigger hospital, this is the place for it.”

If this sounds like your kind of place, there’s an opportunity for you.

Visit brhs.com.au/careers.

It’s step 1 in the best you ever made.