New Defibrillator a Big Boost for Education Team

Education Team members Kate Roberts, Liz Barlow, Laurita Stoneman and Robyn Adams with the new Zoll Defibrillator. Photos: Jake Lynch/BRHS


There’s an old saying in sport – you play how you train.

But for our Nursing Education team teaching Advanced and Basic Life Support, it’s been difficult to recreate real life conditions in their training sessions.

That’s because the defibrillator they have access to in the teaching lab is not the same as is actually used on the wards.

Until now.

There was great joy over in the Monash Building earlier this month as the Education Team rolled out their new ZOLL Defibrillator, which will allow them to provide quality training for staff using the same machine as is used throughout the hospital.

As well as allowing for AED mode in Basic Life Support training, the Zoll also allows for CPR feedback during Basic and Advanced Life Support sessions.

Its mobility will make it possible for Education to host impromptu defibrillator training throughout the hospital, and will allow for MOCK MET calls and Code Blue training scenarios.

“We heard a lot of feedback from staff and students that training on the same equipment that was on the wards was vital,” said Postgraduate Nurse Educator and Resuscitation Coordinator, Robyn Adams. “The Standard 8 Committee – Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration –  recognised and escalated the risks associated with training on alternative equipment. And now we’ve been able to make this very welcome improvement to training resources at BRHS.”

Are you on top of your Basic and Advanced Life Support mandatory competencies? Look into it on the Mandatory Competencies page under Education and Training on the Intranet.

Want to learn more? Reach out to Robyn and the Education team on ext. 66417.

Putting the Zoll through its paces.