“No Winter Lasts Forever” – At Maddocks Gardens, Staff Bring the Spring Time In

Maddocks Gardens resident Cora Lieuwen helped make the pink spring “blossoms” that bloomed all over Maddocks Gardens on Tuesday morning. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


The first day of Spring this Tuesday was a beautiful day in East Gippsland, deserving of the occasion.

And the residents of Maddocks Gardens awoke to hallways bursting with the bright colour of the season.

With travel restrictions related to you-know-what limiting our residents’ usual outing to see Spring flowers, our Maddocks Gardens staff knew they had to find another way to celebrate the season.

“We decided that if we couldn’t take our residents to see the spring flowers, we would bring spring to them,” said Maddocks Gardens Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator Lisa Milligan.

For the past few weeks residents have been making crepe paper flowers in their craft sessions. Meanwhile, Maddocks Gardens staff were busily gathering fallen branches and twigs.

And in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, they crept quietly throughout the building “planting” the beautiful bright pink crepe buds along each hallway.

“It was a really special team effort,” Lisa said. “We really wanted the residents to wake up to the first blossoms of spring.”

This wonderful saying about Spring feels especially poignant right now:

“No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.”

We hope you enjoy this very beautiful time of year in East Gippsland.