People Matter Survey Opens Next Week


Next week all BRHS employees will be asked to complete the annual People Matter Survey, which is distributed by the Victorian Public Sector Commission to all public sector employees in the state.

The reason we do the People Matter Survey is to help us make BRHS a better place to work, and to learn about any issues that may be a problem in our workplace.

The survey is completely anonymous, and BRHS cannot see or identify your completed survey responses.

The year’s survey asks for your experience about different aspects of your workplace, including equal employment opportunity, job satisfaction, career development, wellbeing, and diversity and inclusion.

It’s relevant to all employees in all areas of the health service.

By completing the survey, you make sure that what you think matters.

Without your feedback, it is impossible to know what we need to improve and what issues we need to address to support you in your work.

The survey will be made available online from the beginning of next week, and takes only about 25 minutes to complete.

Your managers and supervisors will make sure that you are given the time, and a computer, to complete the survey.

Stay tuned to the Intranet next week for a link to the survey.

Got more questions? Here’s some People Matter Survey FAQs.