Pregnancy Waits for No Coronavirus – Antenatal and Childbirth Education Classes Continue at BRHS


Like health services everywhere, BRHS has had to make a lot of changes in the past few months.

Many of them are visible to people visiting the hospital, such as the restricted entry ways, screening stations, and closure of amenities like the kiosk and cafeteria.

Others are happening behind the scenes, like new infection prevention protocols, the redeployment of staff to priority tasks, and the work of supply and IT personnel to make sure the hospital is well-equipped and prepared.

All of these changes are driven by a common goal – to fight the spread of Coronavirus and make sure we can continue to serve our community during this unusual time.

To be able to abide by strict social distancing and movement restrictions but also stay in touch with our clients and patients, we ramped up our use of Telehealth – consultations and assessment via web and/or phone hook ups – in areas where it wasn’t absolutely essential to have physical contact.

Maternity services was one area of BRHS that switched most of its face-to-face appointments to phone and online consultations.

Pregnancy waits for no coronavirus!

By using simple and readily available technology we have been able to maintain service for all of our expecting Mums during COVID-19 restrictions.

Our regular childbirth education classes have continued online, using Zoom webinar software.

Initial antenatal appointments are being done one-on-one, over the phone, with in-person follow-ups done as needed. So, too, with our lactation consultation services.

Throughout the pregnancy, our midwives have continued to meet one-on-one with expecting Mums.

The number of women we served in March and April actually increased from our normal numbers, perhaps due to some uncertainty about what COVID-19 would mean for pregnant women and the need to reach out to our midwives for accurate and trustworthy information.

To make sure we were able to provide extraordinary service during this extraordinary time, we employed two additional midwives to increase the provision of domiciliary care (home visits).

We even created a short video introduction to the BRHS maternity ward, our midwives and the birthing suites, so expecting Mums that hadn’t been able to visit the hospital during their pregnancy would at least feel a little familiar with the ward when the big day arrived.

If you’d like more information about our Maternity Services during COVID-19 restrictions, just reach out to us.

Contact our CBD office on 5150 3300, or email