Rotamah Ward Relocated Temporarily to Fraser Ward


Between Wednesday, 10 March and Monday, 22 March, the non-maternity staff and patients of Rotamah Ward will be relocated to Fraser Ward.

Fraser Ward is on the ground floor of the main hospital building. After passing through the screening station in the entryway corridor, turn right at the T, and head toward Tambo Ward. You’ll pass by Fraser Ward.

Maternity staff and patients will remain in the existing maternity rooms on Rotamah.

The temporary relocation is happening so critical electrical work can take place on Rotamah.

If you are visiting someone during this period that you’re expecting to be on Rotamah Ward, unless they are a maternity patient they will be on Fraser Ward.

Signage will be placed at appropriate locations to advise visitors.

If you have any questions about the care of your loved one during this period, call our Main Reception on 5150 3333 and ask to speak with the Nurse Unit Manager.