S.A.M’s Cottage Is a Home Away From Home for People With Loved Ones in the Hospital

S.A.M's Cottage

S.A.M’s Cottage – built by the community, for the community.


In 2003, Stephen Alan Martin, a well-known local, died tragically at the age of 45.

Stephen Alan Martin

In a tribute to Stephen, his loving partner Julie, along with numerous volunteers, donors and local businesses, built and furnished a cottage that now stands at 105 Day, Street, to provide the East Gippsland community with a place of rest and respite when caring for a friend or relative in hospital.

The facility, now known as S.A.M’s Cottage, has housed many families in need from remote, rural areas in East Gippsland as well as visitors to East Gippsland who may have experience medical emergencies during their travels.

It was Julie and Stephen’s philosophy that S.A.M’S Cottage be built by community, for community.

A home away from home for friends and relatives of patients

S.A.M’s Cottage is a low-cost ‘home away from home’ for the friends and relatives of patients receiving treatment at BRHS.

Located within walking distance of the hospital, S.A.M’s Cottage can accommodate up to five people in a comfortable, fully equipped home helping to ease the burden of travel and accommodation whilst caring for a loved one.

S.A.M’s Cottage is managed by BRHS, but is a service for the community.

To book S.A.M’s Cottage, please call (03) 5150 3424


The cottage is fully furnished and contains two bedrooms, bathroom, lounge, kitchen and laundry. An outdoor play area is also available and the cottage is wheelchair accessible.

Manchester and bedding is provided and changed at the conclusion of each stay or weekly for extended stays.

A range of toys, books and DVDs and videos are available to use whilst staying in the cottage and the laundry is equipped with a washing machine and dryer.

On request, BRHS can provide a starter basket on the first evening of accommodation comprising milk, bread, cereal, sugar and butter. Some dry foods are provided, however it is requested that these are replaced, if used, prior to vacating the premises.


S.A.M’s Cottage is located at 105 Day Street and is less than five minutes walk from the main hospital campus.

Accommodation Fees

Accommodation fees are charged at $25 per night. The first night is charged at $75 of which $25 is refundable security deposit, plus two nights accommodation (refundable if not utilised).

Additional nights accommodation is payable at the hospital Main Reception from 7.30 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily.

Booking Process

The allocation of S.A.M’s Cottage is based on prioritised need, as assessed by BRHS and cannot be pre-booked.

To book S.A.M’s Cottage, please call (03) 5150 3424