Situation Normal, All Stocked Up: Procurement Team Heralded for Remarkable 2020

The Procurement team: Lachlan Langston, Russell Rankin, Paul Campbell, Supply Manager Lucinda Fleming and Nick Miller. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


In a year when BRHS had to navigate the consecutive crises of bushfire, and then pandemic, the pressure on our Procurement team to source vital supplies and keep the health service stocked of things like face masks, PPE and cleaning equipment, was immense.

But through it all, they consistently delivered.

So it is no surprise, but still enormously pleasing, that the Procurement team was named joint winner of the BRHS Trademark Behaviours Awards Team Award last week, along with the similarly excellent Information and Communications Technology team.

(What does “procurement” mean you may ask? It’s a fancy way of saying “getting things.” The Procurement team is responsible for making sure the entire health service has everything it needs to do the work it does – the pens, pencils, beds, wipes, sponges, gowns, surgical instruments, bags, machines-that-go-ping, name badges, coffee, gloves, face shields, etc etc… you get the point.)

“The Procurement team was absolutely outstanding in their response and support during the bushfire and then COVID response,” CEO Robyn Hayles said last week in announcing the Trademark Behaviours Awards winners.

Wrote one appreciative colleague in nominating the Supply team for recognition:

“Many of our actions to become ready for both emergency responses involved this team absorbing a significant amount of extra work, often on top of critical business as usual, to keep BRHS providing service. Their response was always received without comment and no ask was too much.”

“In a year of unknowns, the Procurement team continued to support the organisation with a reliable, consistent, known and trusted service. Every day.”

Well done to Lucinda and the team, and to everyone that was nominated for the Trademark Behaviours Awards.

Here’s the full list of winners:

  • Best First Year Player: Lisa Redenbach, Graduate Nurse
  • Ms/Mr Congeniality: Graham Hackett, Orderly/Cleaner
  • The Einstein Award: Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
  • The Innovator: Emma McKinney, Physiotherapist
  • My Team is BRHS Award: Procurement Team + ICT Team (Joint Winners)