Thank You, Anonymous Crafty Ladies – Donated Caps a Very Welcome Splash of Colour

Theatre Nurse Nicole Wallis rocks the cherry-patterned cap – one of a delivery of homemade caps donated by local community members. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


What a generous and talented community this is.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put us all to the test.

But it has been inspiring to see how people have responded, with outstanding acts of charity, selflessness, courage and kindness big and small an everyday occurrence all over the world.

At BRHS we’ve been blessed to receive a number of Random Acts of Thanks from local businesses, community groups and individuals, all of which have given our staff an extra boost when they needed it most.

Like the wonderful masks and caps that were made by two very crafty (and humble – they asked to remain anonymous) local ladies and donated to our Theatre team last week.

Modelled here by Theatre Nurse Nicole Wallis, the caps came in a range of fun and colourful patterns. (The Star Wars one was very cool, and promptly snaffled by Theatre Nurse Scott Joustra.)

At a time when our critical gear like caps and masks is a limited and precious resource, this lovely gift was not just a fun splash of colour in the Theatre, it was also enormously helpful.

Thank you, anonymous crafty ladies, and to everyone in this community for their kindness and support.